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Team Rules

Each team has a team name

A team colour to be selected

A fee of £50 must be made by the sponsor

to secure their team a place in the league

A maximum of 5 named riders to be declared

4 weeks before the first competition.

Replacements may be made during the season under special circumstances and approved by the grand jury.

Each team must provide a minimum of 3 riders for each event

Each team will be required to provide a video blog 1 week before each event.

Team coloured jackets/coats/tee shirts may be warn including branding


1st 8 Points

2nd 6 Points

3rd 4 Points

5th 3 Points

6th 3 Points

7th 2 Points

8th 2 Points

9th-12th 1 Point

Heights 60cm 80cm 90cm 1m 1.10m

Only 1 rider may compete at each height

If 2 or more teams are in equal first after the

first round they must select 1 rider to jump off

Any team failing to field a team will be

deducted 10 points.


Each round the top 2 teams will receive

Prize money as follows

1st Place 20% of overall entry fees

2nd Place 10% of overall entry fees

Eg. 12 teams fielded 4 members each

(4x£12x12= total prize fund £576)

1st place team would win 20% of £576 £115

2nd place team would win 10% of £576



Great way to create brand awareness  

Support local riders and be part of a team

Great online exposure

Chance of winning a sponsor board on WB Arena worth over £400

Use of the exclusive hospitality at Willow Banks

Example of a team setup

Waitrose Warriors

Team Manager

Jamie Smith

12 Teams

Heights 60cm,80cm,90cm,1m,1.10m

Max 5 riders per team (minimum 3)

Each team has own sponsor

 Team colours

3 qualifying rounds

1 Finals day

Team manager

Lowest combined faults to be the winner of each round